Tina Fey has done an incredible job at spoofing the Rep VP, Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin claims to have an impression of Tina Fey, herself, so SNL just might allow her to share that with America, on the Weekend Update, on their new Thursday night show schedule.

And what would she do to imitate the comdedian? Well good question, it's not like Tina Fey has a particular accent, or a specific thing she says, because she's a comedian! Her job is to impersonate other people, so they are considering giving Sarah Palin the role of Tina Fey in the American Express comercials. Sound funny? Not at all.

Tina is not giving political VP speeches, so why have Sarah do Tina's job? Of course their ratings are higher than they have been in years. The Palin skits have even beat out Justin Timberlake's "D**k in a Box skit. "

Don't sell out SNL... you just got your audience back.