Paris Hilton called into KLUC-Las Vegas’ Chet Buchanan & The Morning Zoo show on Monday and shared her opinion about her former BFF Kim Kardashian’s signature giant asset.

What would you rather have Jessica Simpson’s rack or Kim Kardashian’s ass”, she said:

"That's gross. It’s disgusting. It reminds me of cottage cheese inside of big trash bags. I would not want that, that's gross. So Jessica's rack? I would not want that, I don't like big boobs, they're too... big."

And there you have it, the words of a genius. Pathetic that they have to stoop to asking such questions in an interview because Paris is so vacuous that she can't even play along with a kind word.

Paris has since apologized to Kim, saying it was only a joke. So are you Paris.
[source: backseat]