This photo by the way is not he hitman.

It's a really horrible idea to go to the county deputy sheriff to carry-out a murder plot.

It's a worse idea to involve the county deputy sheriff to attempt to hire a hitman when he is your ex-husband.

Judy Darr of North Middleton Township was arrested, for attempting to hire her deputy sheriff, to kill another woman. Darr had a "bad blood relationship" with another woman, Angela Lefever, and Darr wanted her to "disappear forever," police said. Darr asked her ex-husband for help to murder Lefever, according to court documents.

The ex-husband went to police and told them everything. Police said the ex-husband, the intended victim of the plot and an undercover cop posing as a hit man all tricked Darr into thinking the murder for hire worked.

Darr met with the fake hit man and paid him $2,000 and believed he had in fact killed Lefever. Police then arrested Darr and she was taken to jail. Police said Darr did not like how Lefever was raising her 6-year-old son. They also said Darr told the hit man she "was so pleased with how smoothly it all went and she also asked him to kill the child's father."


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