It took a an Orlando jury an hour and a half to charge Victoria Walker with beating another woman in the line for the Disney Mad Tea Party ride at Disneyworld, Orlando, FL. The jury found her guilty of a lesser simple battery charge on Friday, after three witnesses testified who claim to know Krause has a history of violent acts.

After the judge heard the testimony's, all of which, work at Kause's children's school, he declined to hear a third saying the testimony had no bearing on the case.

Walker also took the stand in her defense in the trial. The two ladies were jockeying for position in the line. They had earlier exchange of words when Walker believed Krause and her children cut in front of her in line.

Walker said she never pushed anyone, never cursed at anyone and said she was the one kicked by Krause as the two women placed their children onto the ride. Walker said she grabbed Krause's hair to try to turn her around but did not strike her on the head, slam her head into a teacup or hit her with her purse as some state witnesses claimed.

"Yes, I wanted to turn her around and ask her, 'What is the problem? Why do you keep following me around and picking on me?' I was there with my church group and I wanted to be left alone," Walker said.

But the prosecutor questioned why Walker would use force if all she was wanted to do was settle a disagreement. Despite the prosecution's efforts, the jury found the injuries Krause suffered to be minor.Walker could receive probation or up to one year in prison. Sentencing is set for April 23.

The judge should have told her to sit and spin.

[source: weshnews]

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