The whole lot of them should be ashamed of themselves and I mean Stretchface included! That sick, sick Jenner-Kardashian family will do anything for fame. What mother would, not only overlook her daughter's bad judgment, but MANAGE it!!

Kim is pretending to "take legal action" over the release of the new uncut part 2 version of her sex tape, for which she takes top billing, "
Kim Kardashian Superstar Part 2 Featuring Hip Hop Star Ray J".

Wow Mom, that's some fancy managing, how'd you work that deal? Look at her wheeling and dealing with those big time heavy hitters,
Vivid Video, who was also strong armed by the powerful manager, Kris Jenner or "Mom", to work the golden shower out of the contract!

Now that's some powerful shit. I say if Britney Spears really wants to get her career back on track, she contact Kris Jenner, stat! She could pick up some real handy parenting tips from her!