Ellen continues to work, cross the picket line stating, "I'm a host and have 135 staff members depending on me for a paycheck each week."

"I want to say I love my writers. I love them. In honor of them today, I'm not going to do a monologue. I support them and hope that they get everything they're asking for. And I hope it works out soon. In the meantime, people have traveled across the country. They've made plans. They're here. I want to do everything I can to make your trip enjoyable and give you a show."

"Personally, it's heartbreaking. I love my writers; we're a family," she said, skipping out on a morning monologue. "It's really hard to have to deal with where they are and where I am because I'm kinda caught in the middle.

Leno, Letterman and Conan have all walked on their respective shows in support of their writers. Why the line crossing?