Poor Jessica! It's one thing to be made fun of for being stupid, but when Jessica's dudes start making fun of her sex...

It's been reported that Tony Romo took a trip to Chi-town this weekend with his friends and while he was absolutely plastered he decided he no longer wanted a girlfriend. He apparently went wild with the ladies and in front of his posse, called her up on speakerphone to razz her about her bedroom skills. He told everyone that they are "over" and that he is only having fun with her because he could never get serious about marrying this girl.

What's up the Simpson girls; they've gone wayward. It's time for Papa Joe to put the lock back on the chastity belt. Ashlee is knocked up with an untalented gay rocker's baby and Jessica's getting dumped left and right.

We're still waiting for Nick and Vanessa to officially break-up and find his true love again. You know that Papa Joe is just waiting for both girls to have their respective family reality shows. If he could get Jessica pregnant too, the show could go on and on and on!

source: Superficial image: Essays