The artistic photo taken of Miley Cyrus by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair is simply this...
extremely irresponsible and in poor taste.

She is 15. Miley gets too much press and has too many little fans to portray this kind of sultriness. Does Disney expect little girls to buy the Hannah Montana wigs and outfits to dress up like their favorite star? Yes. Why would this be any different? There are so many reasons why this is wrong. She has the right to model and get as naked as she'd like, but not while she's selling it to the youths of America. If she wants to be artistic, she needs to take her country snaggle-tooth ass to the runways of Paris and see how far she gets.

Now the 15 year old hillbilly has issued a statement to PEOPLE on Sunday, apologizing for a series of playfully provocative photos that circulated on the Internet last week, as well as those from a racy, as-yet unreleased Vanity Fair photo shoot in which she appears to be nude.

"My goal in my music and my acting is always to make people happy. For Vanity Fair, I was so honored and thrilled to work with Annie [Leibovitz]. I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be 'artistic' and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed."

Her parents, grandmother and "handlers", that were said to be on set, should be ashamed of themselves.