Dallas natives, Jessica Simpson, 27, and Owen Wilson, 38, have been on several dates together since they worked on a Willie Nelson music video last month in Austin, Texas.

They were first spotted at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica. The couple was more recently seen in NY at the Waverly Inn and on to drinks at Rose Bar.

Us Weekly reported that, “Jessica was touching Owen’s arm and flipping her hair. Owen was charming, making Jessica laugh. It looked very much like they were on a date.”

A friend reveals that the two aren't dating exclusively, “Owen finds Jessica hilarious, but he’s talking to lots of girls.” .. Jessica hilarious? Ha, that's funny!

Owen's been single for a long time in Hollywood years, since he and Kate Hudson parted. Jessica is always looking for love, but seems to have a time keeping the fellas.

I don't know why anyone would spend a day with bad breath John Mayer, but Jess put in her time. I hope these two find love.