Finally, today on The View, Barbara Walters put her "boss hat" on and forced an answer out of the mouthy Republican counterpoint, Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Babara pointed out that no matter the topic, if it's Republican Elisabeth will fight for it without reason, by saying, "Every single day you never ever say, maybe there's another point, so this is your chance. Tell us now why you think that Sarah Palin would make a very good President."

Elisabeth was totally put on and fired back at Barbara, asking her why she thought Obama would be a good president. When pushed, she finally delivered some half-ass answer about McCain being qualified because he has lead a brigade. What ever!!! Why is war and fighting all they can think about? ...And Barbara didn't ask why McCain would make a good president.

Anyhoo, she laughably used Sarah Palin's gaffe from last night's interview with Katie Couric, when she called her state a "microcosm of America".