The dork of magic attempted the "The Dive of Death" last night and failed! How does one fail at the dive of death? It seems so easy to jump to your death, but when you're David Blaine, things tend to get more complicated. All you have to do is climb on top of a building, tie some rope to your ankles and hang upside down for 60 hours and at the end, you jump onto a giant bouquet of helium balloons and float off into darkness, right?

Well The Dork of Magic attempted to do that, but instead, he took several breaks throughout his stunt to stand on his feet, so that the doctors could check him out. Check him out for what? Were they afraid he may die attempting "the dive of death"? At the end of David's bat stunt, he tells a TMZ photog that he wasn't able to carry-out his plan because the wind had picked up. Oh, and the President's speech caused his stunt to go on 15 minutes later than planned, so it is the President's fault. I'll buy that! I blame everything on Bush too!


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