The Hohans were on The View today, again attempting to disspell the rumors that they are "crazy". They, by the way, are the only one's calling the Lohan family "crazy". We just call them trash. Dina constantly reminds everyone that she is nervous.

Ali and Dina are a great team. Two talentless, middle aged women trying their best to suck off of Lindsay's fame. It's hard enough for her to get a job these days and even harder to keep it. By the end of this show, they will have sucked Lindsay completely dry.

The ladies of The View do a pretty good job of gently busting them down. Whoopi informs Dina that by putting her family on television she will find more controversy, rather than the dream of appearing to be a normal family.

Also, you gotta love Ali honing in on her "craft" as a singer. She's 14, what's the rush?

Their show Living Lohan premiers tonight on E!