Aw, aren't they cute... they started out as friends and now they're getting married.

Pete tells US Magazine how he followed her around while she kept in the "friend zone" for one year, but Ash clears it up nicely for us, "we were friends with benefits". Always a lady isn't she? Now he'll never be able to get rid of her.

"I was in the 'friend zone' with her for a good solid year," he told L.A. radio station 98.7 Tuesday. "I spent a long time in the 'friend zone.'"

"I'd be calling her and following her around like a puppy dog," he said about courting his pregnant fiance before they started dating officially in 2006.

"The first time we really hung out she flashed me," Wentz recalled.

"I lifted my dress over my head," Simpson joked.

Now, "I get a look [from her] every time I don't say fiancee," Wentz said.

They are getting married in a secret location this Saturday.

We wonder how this will turn out?