The search is well underway for Paris' BFF and it's not going so well.

Auditions were held in NYC outside Nikki Midtown earlier this week and the line was short for MTV's new show "Paris Hilton's My New BFF".

“There were less than 40 people there," one audition insider tells OK!. But despite the poor turnout, each of the hopefuls seemed ready to show their unique desire to grab the attention of the casting directors.

"There were girls wearing matching pastel prom dresses with Swarovski crystal pendants and updos, ghetto-fabulous girls and two goth-inspired girls with bleach blonde hair, pale makeup, eyelash extensions and leather clothing.”
Even the chicks that were in line seemed only to be there for the possible fame, unsure about having to spend time with Paris. At least one contender was overheard remarking that she, “totally couldn't live in the house with Paris," because "she would be so annoying!"

Yeah, Paris is so annoying!

Maybe you want to be Paris' friend? check out the website

[source: Gettyimages]