It's better to burnout than fade away.

I guess Liz is thinking that her counterparts Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe had pretty good
ideas back in the day when they overdosed, which left them eternally young, thus legends.

Liz, now 76, mixed her prescription pills and booze which left her unable to breath and omitting, the morning of April 6 at 4am, The National Enquirer reports. She was rushed to Cedars-Sinai hospital after waking her assistant and was released later that afternoon.

A close friend told the Enquirer, "Liz was panicking. She really thought she was going to die".

Liz has suffered from a history of drug and alcohol abuse. She has been treated at the Betty Ford clinic twice.

Hang in there Liz, you've made it this far.

We wish her well.