Hey, Lily Allen went blond a couple of days ago and nobody likes it! TMZ reports that she made the drastic change from brunette to blond after consulting with Kate Moss.

She looks much better actually. However, she's still acting as ridiculous as ever.

Allen recently shocked the audience of her talk show Lily Allen And Friends, when she did an interview with Paddy McGuinness with one breast out. A witness named Rob Difrancesco,who saw everything,revealed:

“Lily and Paddy were both quite lively. They were sitting on the sofa and she pulled out her right boob. Everyone in the audience was doing a double take as Lily sat there with her breast hanging out.“Paddy was trying to grab her breast and he joked to Lily that she was arousing him. That’s when she started playing with her nipple. She was playing to the audience and kept it out for about three minutes. It was surreal."

Now if she'll just keep her triple nipple tucked away and keep her mouth shut.


[source: spreadit]