Friday morning in Central Park, CNN reporter Richard Quest was arrested after he was caught in the park breaking curfew.

If you don't know this goofball, Quest is a well-known business news reporter on CNN International and hosts "CNN Business Traveler," as well as his own feature program, "Quest." He is best recognized for his quirky, boisterous style. Now he'll be recognized as a huge dumbass on drugs.

Central Park enforces a strict curfew after 1am, so when he was questioned by police at 3:40 Friday morning he told them that he had meth in his pocket, which was then discovered by police.

"Mr. Quest did not realize that the park had a curfew and was returning to his hotel with friends. The matter is scheduled to be dismissed," lawyer, Alan Abramson said.

Quest, 46, later appeared before the judge and is set for dismissal if he attends 6 months of counseling.

The dumbass is lucky he got caught before his teeth fell out of his head and his face peeled off.

[source: reuters]