In response to our post about Southwest flying unsafe planes, Paula Berg, a representative for Southwest Airlines sent us the following reply:

No one is more passionate about the safety of our Customers and Employees than we are, and it’s important for our Customers to know that this situation was never and is not now a safety of flight issue.
The inspections in question were one of many routine, redundant, and overlapping inspections of our fleet. And, as a article from today’s Wall Street Journal accurately points out, we discovered the missed inspection ourselves, informed the FAA, and promptly completed the missed inspections in March 2007. The FAA approved our actions and considered the matter closed as of April 2007.

Again, the safety of our Customers, Employees, and aircraft is always our number one concern. Southwest has an excellent maintenance program, and this experience has helped improve the overall safety of the fleet.

Paula Berg
Southwest Airlines
Thank you Ms. Berg for writing us, as the news of delayed inspections of Southwest Airline planes is a very serious concern of ours, especially since we have our special little family member flying your airline in the very near future.

Although a bit cramped, I must admit I do enjoy the personal service of the Southwest Airline staff. The company is quirky, the staff is always happy and they express a great sense of humor.


  1. jtormey3 // March 7, 2008 at 3:03 PM  

    The smallest bit of research about Southwest Airlines flack Paula Berg tells us this:

    Now, never mind "wacky", and "off-the-wall" - "behind-the-scenes Blog Queen" and "Nuts about Southwest" says it all for me.

    So, to Paula Berg of Southwest Airlines, the airline company’s "behind-the-scenes Blog Queen", who says, regarding the events of March 6-7, 2008, and the now-record US$10,200,000 in fines racked up by Southwest:

    "...this situation was never and is not now a safety of flight issue".
    Nonsense, Paula. Cracks in airplanes? Nonsense, Paula.

    I've been around publicists and other entertainment folk for over 20 years, and I have heard better publicity emanating from self-plugging screenwriters on acid.

    And, Paula, as for:

    "[t]he FAA approved our actions and considered the matter closed as of April 2007".

    Nonsense, Paula.

    It's not "closed", until WE the PUBLIC say it is closed! Take that back to your superiors for me - and tell them that we are just getting started.

    Oh – and, congratulations on staying behind the scenes.

    John J. Tormey III, Esq.
    Quiet Rockland