Excellent 3 part interview with Barack Obama and all the ladies on The View.

He covers Jeremiah Wright. In second interview Whoopi asks Senator Obama what the first three things are that he’d do in office. Obama replied that he would start withdrawing the troops from Iraq, and doing his best to make sure it was done in a safe and fair manner for both the troops and Iraqis. He said he didn’t think the Iraqis were going to take responsibility for their own country as long as American troops were there. Obama said the second thing he would do is work on getting healthcare for every American, and even went so far to say that for people that didn’t have healthcare, the government would offer plans similar to the healthcare he has as a senator. He pointed out how important it is to return to a focus on preventative health care, which over the long-term saves costs. Finally he said he’d deal with America’s energy crisis, focusing on developing new technology to lesson our reliance on foreign oil.

He has really embraced Hillary's health care plan.

It really was an excellent detailed interview.