Lindsay Lohan's naked shoot in New York magazine was a bad idea. Originally she was asked to do the photoshoot with Bert Stern under the impression they would go in a book or perhaps only in a museum. Something slightly more tasteful. Lohan in a museum, she wishes!

Her publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnik tells Radar:

"Obviously you can see her breasts are real," Lohan's longtime publicist Leslie Sloane Zelnik tells Radar. On the first point, though, New York may have pulled a bit of a fast one. The plan to publish nudes—a monumental move in her career—was never made clear, Lohan's rep says. Photographer Bert Stern, the now 78-year-old most famous for getting Marilyn Monroe to strip on film six weeks before her overdose on barbiturates (then going ahead and publishing contact sheets Monroe had exed out with red marker), suggested a much less revealing homage for the mag. A rumor from the very closed set suggests Stern dangled the possibility that the nudes would be displayed only in a museum or as part of his book and that the tamer shots would go to New York.

Stern did not immediately return messages left via phone and e-mail. Lauren Starke, communications manager for New York tells Radar in a statement, "We're very grateful to Lindsay Lohan for participating in this historic photo shoot with Bert Stern and we hope that she is as pleased with the beautiful results as we are."

When asked what sort of career move this might be for Lohan, Howard Bragman of 15 minutes PR says that, given the chance, he would have steered Lohan away from the shoot. It isn't so much nudity as the wrong kind of attention it inspires, he says. "She needs to get back to acting. I'd rather see her do a student film at USC than take her clothes off in a look-at-me-moment. These shots run the real risk of overshadowing her acting career."

I with Howard Bragman, by taking nude photos she initiated the wrong kind of attention.

She'll never get it right!