Poor Britney has no recollection of spending 9 hours at The Social restaurant where she shot her "Piece of Me" video. When she had dinner with her dad over the weekend, she looked around the place, as if it was the first time she had ever seen it.

Of course she was with the demon, Sam Lutfi, so she could have very well been drugged to the point of oblivion.

Hollyscoop says:

This past weekend Spears and her dad Jamie hit up The Social restaurant in Hollywood for some late night grub. Our spies overheard Spears asking the general manager of the restaurant "how long they had been open" and "what was upstairs." She complimented the manager on the restaurant and told him she thought it was beautiful inside. The manager, who was clearly confused by her comments, politely replied, "Thank You."
The Social is the same place Britney shot her music video "Piece of Me" back in November of '07. Spears was more than 12 hours late to the shoot but was eventually driven there by douchbag Sam Lutfi. She arrived in her pajamas at 8:35PM and stayed until 6:30AM.
Sadly Britney has no recollection of ever being at the venue. She spent more than 9 hours 'upstairs' shooting her music video but doesn't recall ever being there.

Now she is extremely stupid and she is a mother of two and has no instinct or desire to care for her children. She could be just that dim to not notice her surroundings the first time around. It's also very likely that Howard K. Stern the second, kept her so out of it, she didn't know day from night, which was precisely why she was wearing her pj's at 8:35pm.

Also, last night she went to the salon for a little pampering and left her underpants at home. She, I'm sure, was going for a brazillian wax, so there was no need for panties. I wonder what the pedicurist thought of her view? If the area looks anything like it did back in the day she began her no panty wearing mission with Paris, then her pedicurist will never eat rice pudding again!!