You can tell Adnan has that look about him... X17 says that Adnan has become increasingly aggressive over the last couple of days, and last night, things took a violent turn at Gaucho Grill!

Holding Britney (in a short skirt, torn fishnets and apparently no undies) tightly by the wrist, he roughly pulled her through the crowd, pushing paps and over-turning tables in his way!

X17 sources report that Adnan was once a member of the Afghanistan Army! Could that explain his aggressive tactics?

But that wasn't the end of Brit's night - things got increasingly more bizarre!

Without the aid of Adnan, she then went to Kitson's for a 2am shopping spree, after a $600 Ralph's grocery tab. Sam Lutfi told Ryan Seacrest this morning that it was nothing more than "retail therapy".