Eminem has been an integral part of the current generations decline with music that encourages among its many stupid messages violence towards woman.

The National Enquirer is reporting,

“He’s got a double chin, a pot-belly and droopy man-breasts. And he’s living a reclusive lifestyle in an attempt to hide his new body,” says the insider.

Eminem’s maternal grandmother Better Kresin told The Enquirer she blames his ongoing food binge on being stressed out about his two failed marriages to ex-wife Kim.

“He really wanted it to work between them, to have a happy family life for their daughter Hailie Jade, something he claims he never had while growing up.”

Eminem’s weight problem is a result of too many trips to Detroit’s Outback Steakhouses and Taco Bells, says the insider.

“Marshall has Taco Bell lunches of burritos and tacos with dessert, then Outback dinners of three filet mignons with all the fixings.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, January 28, 2008]