Blake has asked Amy for a divorce.

Amy lost it after visiting Blake in Pentonville Prison in London. Amy lashed out at photographers outside the prison following the tense meeting with Blake.

Amy was so out of control police were forced to escort her back to her waiting car.

A source said: "Amy just snapped and started shouting and screaming at
everybody. She was out of control and even squared up to the photographers
as if she wanted a fight.

"Whatever Blake said to her inside obviously upset her and she was in no
mood to have her picture taken."

Earlier this week, Amy's father Mitch revealed Blake was under pressure from
his mother Georgette to sever all ties with the troubled singer.
Mitch said: "Blake threatened to issue divorce proceedings when they were
having a row.

"Unfortunately, Blake is influenced by things his mother has said. I think
Georgette wants them to divorce, but it's up to them. From Amy's point of
view, she would stick by him not matter what.

"But he has said things like, 'I want a divorce.' "

It must be her new tragic hair.

Amy, for the love of Pete, go back to black!!!