There are so many conflicting stories about Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy. Some tabloids are soey 101aying she's 3 months pregnant, some say 6 months. Also the there are reports that Casey is the father and other's are saying it may be a producer of Zoey 101. Hmmmm, scandalous, indeed!

Jamie Lynn told OK! Magazine that she was just 3 months pregnant and they have more details suggesting that she's much further along. It's been reported on the news that she’s more than just three months’ pregnant as she claims and that it is suspected that her on-off boyfriend Casey Aldridge is not the father. It's also been reported that the pregnancy may be the result of an inappropriate relationship with an older producer on her show Zoey 101, and that he could be the father of her baby.

Star reports that the boyfriend Casey is cheater and was fooling around behind Jamie Lynn’s back and may have even fathered another young woman’s baby while he was dating her.

The National Enquirer also reports that Casey is a cheater, and says that Jamie Lynn is due on March 7, which would make her six months’ pregnant, not three as she claims. At first Lynne Spears didn’t want her to have the baby and that abortion may have been suggested. Supposedly it was Casey who talked Jamie Lynn into keeping the baby:

"Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby is due March 7 - and an ultrasound shows that it’s a girl, the Enquirer has learned exclusively. And while her mother demanded she not keep the baby, Jamie Lynn refused - and how the 16-year-old has set her heart on marrying the baby’s father, boyfriend Casey Aldridge", a close source reveals.

“Jamie Lynn learned she was pregnant in late July, but her mother Lynne didn’t want anyone to know,” the source told The Enquirer

“To keep is quiet, Lynne whisked Jamie Lynn from California back to her home in Kentwood, LA, as soon as she finished filming… Zoey 101 in August.

“Then Lynne demanded that Jamie Lynn not keep that baby. At first, Jamie Lynn agreed, but then Casey talked her into keeping the baby.

Determined to have her way, Jamie Lynn threatened to run away, marry Casey, who’s 18, and go live with her big sister Britney, said another insider.

Lynne, 55, dropped her demand, but she’s suspicious of Casey’s motives, sources say.

“Lynne doesn’t believe Casey loves Jaime Lynn, even though he wants to marry her. She thinks he got Jamie Lynn pregnant on purpose for money and the fame of being the father of her baby,” said the source.”

[source:The National Enquirer, January 7, 08]