last night x17 got the scoop on a restraining order filed against Adnan Ghalib for selling photos of the couple to his photo agency.

Last night at 2 am, Britney Spears invited two of our photographers into her Beverly Hills pad for a little conversation. They chatted for a while, then escorted Brit and Sam in the car, so Britney could drive around and listen to music. After that, it was back to the house ... The guys ended up staying with her for FOUR hours!

Earlier in the evening, Britney went out to the gas station with Sam around 8 pm, then they came out again later in her Black Escalade, went to club Goa but never got out of the car. When she returned home after that second outing, was when she invited the photographers to come inside her home.

Roberto and Leandro from X17online went inside ... Britney said, "Come with me, let's have fun." She opened a bottle of champagne for them and went outside on the patio to smoke cigarettes. Our photogs say Britney nursed a 1/2 glass of champagne the entire evening and never drank more.

Britney put on Amy Winehouse and her own CD, changed into jeans and her famous pink wig. Sam and Brit's friend Chad Hardcastle was there too.

Team X17er Robert said, "We had fun. Britney was funny, very relaxed, dancing a little bit, and she carried her little dog all the time."

At one point in the discussion, Sam took a paper out of his pocket -- it was a restraining order against Adnan Ghalib. He said, "Look at this!"

Britney expressed disappointment and anger toward Adnan for being "set-up" in photographs that Adnan and his agency have sold of Britney and Adnan together.

Roberto and Leandro didn't ask questions -- they were surprised at the restraining order. After talking about it briefly, the continued having a good time and around 6 am, our photogs said they had to leave. Britney begged them to stay, but Sam insisted that she get some sleep.

When the photogs left, lots of paparazzi who weren't invited in were waiting outside. (TMZ and Hollywoodtv were turned away at Britney's door at 2 am!)

On another note, it appears Britney is auditioning more paparazzi to play the part of boyfriend.

[images: dlisted]