In this TMZ video Mary-Kate Olsen was hurrying out of an office in Beverly Hills right around the time she allegedly received a panicked phone call from Heath Ledger's masseuse on Tuesday.
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The masseuse who found Heath could be facing jail time. Masseuse is a "health profession" in New York, where CPR is a requirement.

Diane Lee Wolozin, the private masseuse who found Heath Ledger's corpse in his SoHo loft does not have a license to practice in New York, state officials said Thursday. It is a requirement to have a license in the state of New York for any person who uses the titles "masseur, masseuse or massage therapist".

"We're referring the matter to the New York City Police Department," agency spokesman Jonathan Burman said. "We're notifying them that she is not licensed in New York State."

Wolozin could face a potential felony charge, officials said.

Under state law, anyone not authorized to practice a licensed profession could be charged with a Class E felony.

Wolozin told cops she found Ledger face down about 3 p.m. Tuesday in his bedroom. She then called Mary-Kate Olsen from Ledger's cell phone. When Ledger did not respond to being shaken by Wolozin, the masseuse said she called Olsen again from Ledger's cell phone to inform her that she was going to dial 911.

According to the account, detailed by police, an emergency operator then instructed Wolozin on how to administer CPR to Ledger.

Anyone applying for a license to be a masseuse in New York must show documentation that they have received CPR training.

Burman said his agency checked into Wolozin's status after her name surfaced in media reports on Ledger's death.

“We have notified the New York City Police Department as part of their investigation that no one by that name is licensed as a massage therapist in the state of New York,” says Jonathan Burman, spokesman for the New York State Education Department.

Kathleen Doyle, Executive Secretary for the State Board, says, “I can only tell you that in New York state, at this time, the law requires that any person who uses the titles 'masseur, masseuse or massage therapist' must possess a license. It’s a health profession in New York.”