OK! reports that Britney Spears spent her New Year’s Eve at a private beach residence near Dana Point with her sons, a court-appointed monitor and her latest beau, photographer Adnan Ghalib. Last week, the duo made headlines after Ghalib reportedly spent a night with her in her Beverly Hills hotel room. Ghalib claims they only "had lunch" during their get together, but OK! says he’s been telling fellow paparazzi it was “the best night of his life.” Britney chose Adnan to spend the night and early morning with because she said she needed somebody to talk to; Carla must not be a very good listener.

No night with Britney Spears could be the best night of anyone's life..unless, say you make your $200,000 annual income by stalking Britney Spears. The two have been "flirting" with one another for about year. He's the pap that pumps her gas, opens doors and often clears a path for Britney while the photogs snap photos of her crotch...what gentleman! Can't wait to see the photos, sex tape, and the full documentary of "Adnan's Night with Britney". He hit the jackpot on that one. He'll probably go by his wife a new house, car and name their child after her.

[images: JFX, Osia]