Oh not another shady dude for Brit.

Brit's new pap boyfriend's ex-girlfriend Nichole Grimes, is speaking out to warn Brit against Adnan's unfaithful ways. It turns out that pap dude isn't such a chivalrous charmer after all.

She told the Daily Star:

"Britney should watch out - he's wild. To say he was a ladies' man was an understatement. He couldn't get enough. He's mad and sex-mad. When we met I thought he was this lovely young Asian boy from a strict family. I was head-over-heels in love. Then I discovered he'd been secretly hitting on my friend behind my back. Some people may wonder what this guy from a strict Muslim family is doing with a party animal like Britney. But I reckon he's wilder than her.
Sounds perfect for Brit!