Amy is on holiday in the Caribbean and has been seen with her ex-boyfriend George Roberts, while husband Blake remains behind bars. This pic of Amy and George was taken a couple of years ago when they briefly dated in 2006.

It's great to hear that Amy is happy rather than naked looking for crack at 5am. Amy hasn't been communicating with Blake, as often since she started having a little fun, as not to upset Blake. Blake is aware of Amy and George's close relationship and doesn't like it. George, a music manager, has a girlfriend back in London, but enjoyed a little vaca together at the beach before Amy went solo to Bryan Adams' home in Mustique.

The Daily Mail reports that two have been having a wonderful time together:

“Amy loved having George on holiday with her,” a source close to the drug addicted singer said last night. “She absolutely adores him and they had a great time larking around in the sun.

“She has been speaking to Blake when she can and making out that she has not been having a great time. She doesn’t want to rub it in that she’s having fun while Blake’s in a cell.”

“The truth is Amy and George have been having a blast. They used to date and had a very passionate love affair. They are still very close, Amy wouldn’t have invited him otherwise.”

Friends claimed Amy and George grew close in the last few months since Blake went to jail.

“George has been a rock for Amy over the past few months,” adds the source. “They speak all the time and are incredibly close.”

Amy’s rep said they’re just “old friends and they met up on holiday.”