She tries, she's just so damn boring.

Rumor has it that Matthew Perry and Mandy Moore are seeing each other. Page Six Reports "He was already seated and waited for her for 15 minutes until she arrived. He stood up to greet her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. They were holding hands across the table and being really close and laughing a lot the whole time."

Whatever rock she found him under, it can only be good for him. Matthew Perry is a nice guy that got caught up in Hollywood bullsh*t. Mandy is a stable girl; pretty, nice and stays out of trouble.

I think this may work for both of them! Unlike the teaming of Tomkat, that's only working in Katie's favor. Sure, they're a huge hit, but nobody was looking and nobody cared about Katie Holmes. People loved Tom Cruise. Now he's universally hated and she's getting a reputation for being
something (a mother, good make-up artist finder, marathon runner??) whatev .. it's all in her favor.