Reports of abuse, multiple arrests, alcohol counseling, pending civil actions for other botched surgeries, the list goes on!!

In 2001 Dr. Jan Adams ended two cases of malpractice with payouts of $217,337 and $250,000. He's the been the target of several other malpractice lawsuits, according to The Associated Press.

After being arrested twice in the past four years for alcohol-related offenses, CNN reports that Adams is the subject of an investigation by the Medical Board of California, which is exploring whether the doctor's medical license should be revoked or suspended

Adams had previously said that he performed cosmetic surgery on Dr. West at a surgical center, but The Associated Press reports that Adams, citing doctor-patient confidentiality, would not say when or where the surgery was done.

In 2006, Adams was reportedly convicted of driving with a blood-alcohol level of .08 or greater, and pleaded no contest to driving under the influence in 2003. According to AP, he also pleaded no contest to another alcohol-related charge, filed against him in 1994. The medical board's executive director, filed a complaint against Adams earlier this year, alleging that his arrests were a clear violation of the Medical Practice Act.

Meanwhile, a civil action brought by an Orange County woman is still pending against Adams. She alleges that, in 2006, she was hospitalized with a high fever and fluid in her left breast, following a botched surgery to remove excess skin and reshape her chest and abdomen. Two other cases against Adams also remain active.

Through a spokesman, Adams told AP that he performed an abdominoplasty (commonly referred to as a "tummy tuck") and breast reduction on Dr. West but would not say when or where the surgery was done. He refutes reports that her death was a result of the surgery.

TMZ also reports that Dr. Jan Adams physically assaulted his ex-wife, Susie Field, according to court documents obtained by TMZ. According to a restraining order filed by Susie Field, she claims on Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2006, Dr. Adams became upset with Susie for taking a phone call during dinner. Susie claims, "He wanted to speak to whomever was calling me."

They began arguing and went up to the bedroom. According to the document, Dr. Adams was yelling, "I'm going to f**king kill you. I'm going to beat you. You need to be beaten." Susie claims Dr. Adams then "swung his right closed fist at my face...he attacked me," adding, [Dr. Adams] grabbed me with one arm and threw me toward the bed. I struck the bed and fell onto the floor."

Susie claims there was another incident in September, 2005, while in a New York nightclub, where he became angry because another man was looking at her. According to the document, when they returned to the hotel, he became "angry, threw me on the bed and began to strangle me. I thought I was going to die as he strangled me to the point of almost blacking out."

The judge granted the restraining order on November 28, 2006. Two days later, Susie filed for divorce. They were married in early 2006 and the divorce was final in February, 2007.

Ironically, he authored two books on plastic surgery, including 2000's "Everything Women of Color Should Know About Plastic Surgery."

His show on Discovery Health, "Plastic Surgery: Before and After," according to AP, has been pulled from the channel's lineup.


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