The new issue of Us Weekly, exposes Britney Spears' past.

She made her fortune on her wholesome image, but they say we've been duped! We all know that nobody has a perfect family, but maybe some of Brit's troubles today, stem from her family past.

Her former lawyer, who worked with Britney as a teenager told Us Weekly that "virgin" image she portrayed was a "PR blitz". She suppossedly lost her virginity to her hillbilly boyfriend Reg Jones, at 14! Ah, shocker! Although she and JT tried to maintain that they didn't do the dirty, the two were intimate from the beginning.

Also in the article, they tell that Brit's dad's mother, paternal grandmother, Emma Jean Spears, in June 1966 committed suicide at age 31. Britney's grandmother, who suffered from depression, shot herself in the chest with a shotgun at the grave of her infant son who had died eight years earlier just three days after being born.

A local newspaper article obtained by Us reported at the time: "The shotgun had been pressed against the woman's chest and she apparently pulled the trigger with a toe of the right foot from which a shoe had been removed." The newspaper reported that Emma Jean had attempted suicide three times before.

Emma Jean Spears left behind four other children, including Britney's father, Jamie Spears, then an eighth grader. Two of Jamie Spears' brothers ended up with criminal records and homeless.

The full article comes out Wednesday in Us Weekly.