After the judge declared on Friday, that Brit was unfit to drive her children around any longer, she got a chauffeur to take she and the boys to the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.

She may also be wising up, I doubt it, but her attorney says, that Brit is taking "security measures" to protect her children. Now what neuron fired off her mothering gene?

"Recent aggressive actions by individuals who have followed (Spears) and blocked her access, with and without the children, have resulted in her decision to take certain security measures which she hopes will only be necessary temporarily, for the protection of the children," Sorrell Trope said in a statement Monday.

Trope was not specific about the "measures" that would be taken, but I'm guessing she's being urged to stay out of the spotlight. At least, not make every trip to the coffee shop an adventure, where she's sending idiots to the hospital, willing to be hit by her car for a shot of her.

"Ms. Spears hopes that she and Mr. Federline will be able to reach an agreement as to all matters concerning their children," Trope said. "She hopes that by not commenting on court proceedings the media attention in those proceedings will subside, which she requests for the safety and well being of the children", PEOPLE magazine reports.

It's also rumored that Brit is ready to bust Kevin. She has said that, while they were married, Kevin used to smoke marijuana and drink in front of their children... that's a given. Since she has had the paps following her, filming every mistake, she has now hired a private investigator to follow him. The tables have turned Charlie Murphy!

Now this is a custody battle worth following! Dig that dirt!