They were such a good couple, it just makes me sick that it all had to turn out like this!  

DENIED!!  Brit's giant red flag request to quit those silly drug tests the judge ordered twice a week were, thankfully denied!!  

The results are in on the custody hearing and Britney did not regain joint custody of the little goblins.  She was granted two supervised, weekly visits between 12 and 7 pm, and one overnight visit.  The parenting coach reported that "the environment at the house ranged from chaotic to almost somber with little communication at all."  Well, she and K-Fed did have a reality TV show called "Chaotic", filmed in their home, so I guess not much has changed.  

The visits come with stipulations that she protect the pool area by Friday and she must continue to meet with a parenting coach for two hours each week, with continued counseling with Kevin.  

Happy Halloween!