Karma, Unlucky, Misfortune, Irony

A soldier in Pueblo, CO, died in an accidental shooting just one day after being honorably discharged from the Army. The soldier was killed Thursday night after a gun accidentally misfired, Pueblo police said.

The gun discharged hitting Richard Medina, 21, of San Angelo, TX in the head, as he and his friends were celebrating the end of the soldiers Amy career.

The celebrating soldiers were also recent Iraq war veterans that were discharged on Wednesday from their Army commitment. Police said, "It was just a small group of people, sitting around listening to music, talking. We found no signs of alcohol," Detective Don Litton told the Pueblo Chieftain newspaper.

Pfc. Antonio Alvarado, 26, was cleaning the gun when it discharged killing his friend instantly. Four women were also in Alvarado's home at the time of the shooting. One of them was Medina's 17-year-old girlfriend and was pregnant with Medina's child.

No charges have been filed.

[source: ABC7News]