In Star Magazine's new issue they reveal the inter-workings of the Jolie-Pitt household... chaos!

A friend of the couple says,

"Angelina doesn't believe in old-fashioned restrictions because she finds them oppressive, so her rule is to have few rules."

That means chaotic meals where the children individually choose what ever they want to eat, albeit pizza and chocolate, late night baths that soak the bathroom, screaming contests and six televisions on at all times. They also say that Maddox only wants to speak in French. Also the landlines, fax machines, and cellphones ring off the wall. The doorbell also chimes with constant deliveries of clothes and toys.

"Their friends in Los Angeles, New Orleans and even Italy all say the same thing: It's insane," says a source.

Ahh, I take back what I said about wanting to live in the $60 million dollar mansion, no thank you. I'll keep my shack in gangland.