Bill Murray has been accused of being a sex addict in divorce papers filed by his wife.

Jennifer Murray also claims the 57-year-old Hollywood actor was addicted to marijuana and alcohol during their ten years of marriage.

She has applied for a restraining order against the Ghostbusters star, alleging that she and their four young children were forced to leave their £2million home in Charleston, South Carolina, because of his behaviour.

Mrs Murray claims her husband hit her in the face in November 2007 and told her she was 'lucky he didn't kill her'. She alleges that he has physically her abused during their marriage.

The papers filed in a Charleston court say that Murray - nominated for an Oscar for his role in Lost In Translation - would travel overseas to have affairs. The divorce is being sought on the grounds of adultery, physical abuse and drug addiction.

Mrs Murray is also seeking to have a £ 3.5million pre-nuptial agreement examined to see if it is enforceable.

Murray's lawyer, John McDougall, would not comment on the allegations, but said the actor 'is deeply saddened by the break-up of his marriage'. He added: 'He and his wife made loving parents and they are committed to the best interests of their children.'

Mrs Murray is requesting sole custody of the couple's children Caleb, 15, Jackson, 12, Cooper, 11, and Lincoln, who turns seven today.

She offers 'reasonable visitation' for the actor, 'so long as he conducts himself in a proper manner, obeys all restraining orders, and does not involve the children in this litigation'.

She also wants Murray to be 'solely responsible for any and all costs and expenses associated with the children'.

Mrs Murray insists she was a 'good, true, devoted and faithful wife' who maintained 'a good home for her husband and four children'.

Her restraining order seeks to stop him 'interfering with, abusing, intimidating, threatening, threatening to abuse or molesting' his wife and 'stalking, or making abusive or threatening phone calls or text messages, to her or the children'.

She also seeks to stop Murray 'from exposing the children to any person with whom he is sexually or romantically involved, or anyone taking or in possession of illegal drugs'.

Last night Mrs Murray's lawyer Robert Rosen declined to comment.

Source: DailyMail