Amy Winehouse played Portugal's portion of Rock In Rio festival last night in Lisbon and she was blown. She arrived and hour late, apologizing to the massive swarm of fans in the audience. She was wearing a bandage on her wrist and says she has a "f___ed up wrist, I can't play guitar, I'm so mad about that", but no evidence to the injury. She has cuts on her left arm as usual and her voice is gone, so she sucks on lozenges that she digs out from between her breasts throughout the performance. It sounds more like she's chewing a pack of gum. Most of what she says is inaudible, but that's how she does it. Anyone else would fall over dead.

She played a 55 minute set, for which, she bounced herself right off of the stage, but came back on shortly after. It's a wonder she played at all.