Has Amy Winehouse given up concealing the extent of her drug-taking habit?
The singer was again seen with what appeared to be a marijuana joint while on another bender last night.

Looking worse than ever, a bedraggled Amy was seen at pub The Good Mixer in Camden with the apparent joint in hand, as she stood by a pool table.
Amy was at the pub with various hangers on and a member of jailed Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty's band, Mick Whitnall.

Amy and Mick were seen leaving the pub arm-in-arm, which surely will do little to allay husband Blake's fears that she might be set to give up on their marriage.

The singer, 24, failed to send a card to or visit Blake Civil Fielder in Pentonville Prison when he turned 26 last week and according to friends she is now living as a "single woman".

Unfortunately Amy is so far gone, that when she truly is gone know one will notice.

Source: DailyMail