Amy Winehouse was now seen with yet another dude, this guy is Alex Haynes, who is her manager's assistant. Amy's mum and dad are ready to lock her crazy ass up!

Her dad confirmed that she indeed has been cheating on hubby Blake and is upset that this Alex dude is taking advantage of his ugly daughter. He tells News of the World:

"I am shocked. His job was to look after Amy. I asked him to stay with Amy while she was recording… This was not part of the job! I don't like infidelity. But Alex could be the victim in all this. I can't ever imagine Alex seducing Amy. He looks like Clark Kent. It was clearly the other way round and Amy had her wicked way with him…"

Her dad, Mitch is also saying that rehab is not going to keep Amy out of trouble, he's ready to lock her up in a mental institution.

"I want her sectioned (institutionalized). The situation is getting out of control. I want her off the street. I don't think being somewhere for six weeks is going to cure her problems. I think it needs far more radical measures. We will take the bull by the horns and deal with it. I've been on the phone to Amy's manager in Los Angeles and he's starting things rolling. They are going to be speaking to doctors, psychologists and everything else. I want Amy to be somewhere where she will be safe and where no harm can come to her. Obviously as her dad I will try and do what's best for her. Unfortunately, what I think is best for Amy and what she thinks is best for her are two different things."

Yes, please parents take control of your out-of-control daughters while you still have them. Is fame worth this kind of lifestyle? Nope!

Can you image the shitbag that Miley Cyrus will be by the time she is Amy's age. She'll be on Celebrity Rehab 20.

[image source: WENN]