Larry Rudolph has new energy since he got the MTV's Rock the Cradle gig cause he's back to being Brit's manager and The National Enquirer is claiming that Larry is shopping around a reality show to the networks.

A source told the Enquirer,

“She believes a reality show is a no-brainer. She can be herself and not have to study lines…Several production companies are interested in a Britney reality show and are willing to pay her millions.”

The only person reportedly against it is Brit's dad cause he believes it will be detrimental to her healing.. and it would. She needs to straighten up and be a mother to her children first.

This may bring her career back to life, but she will still be far from back to reality.

We'd all love to see some crazy Brit TV. Let this be true. Okay, I'm starting to sound conflicted. If she's gonna be crazy, let us see it! Otherwise, get your kids back!

[source: Celebritique]


  1. cradlewillrock // April 16, 2008 at 12:44 PM  

    Lets hope for the Best for Britney Spears, and I agree that I think that a majority of people want to see Britney get better and back in business.

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