Eww! Ms. Killingback's flat is infested with rats. While this 55 year-old, from Armada Court, Creek Road, Deptford, was sitting on the toilet, a rat climbed up and bit her. Now she's too afraid to go back in the bathroom and said she's having to use a bucket or go to the neighbors to use the toilet.

She said: "You don't expect to sit down to spend a penny and be bitten by a rat. It just felt like someone had put a needle in me. It was a big, black one, eight or nine inches long."
She tried flushing the toilet chain twice but the creature came back each time and said there was another right behind it. Then stuffed the rat down with a plunger and poured bleach on it, then closed the lid. Someone call PETA. The next day there was one in the dryer that escaped by gnawing its way out through the dryer hose.

I think I'd find myself a new place to stay.

here's a link to the video if you want to see Ms. Killingrat in action

[source: CNN]