Reese Witherspoon produced Penelope, a film where Christina Ricci plays the lead, a girl with the face of a pig. How did they ever cast Ricci as a pig face? Typecasting!

Reese says it's a beautifully shot fairy-tale type film, but it looks awful. I don't ever want to see Reese Witherspoon play a badass with a couple of random braids on the side of her head again! In the 80's, a couple of random thin braids meant you're different, a little punky. In the 90's it was cutesy granola girl. Not so granola that the braid-wearer is willing to go without washing their hair for months and make dreads, just cutesy, off-kilter. Now there's no place for random thin braids in the 21st century.

This awful film comes out February 29.