Madonna's directorial debut of Filth and Wisdom previewed at the Berlin Film Festival.  

The Times of London reviewer gave it three stars, which is excellent for Madonna.  Film and Madonna in the past has not panned out to be winning combination.  

Of course the film is said to be full of "clunkingly awful acting"  and "a string of scenes that are so stagey they would fall over if they weren't propped up by the cinema screen."  ouch.  

Madge stagey?  Nah.  

Also, while interviewing for the film, it was said that not muscle move on that flawless face... Botox?  She also brought British Madonna back.  We can only pray that Britney and Madonna are reunited at the Grammy's next year and go head to head in a their respective bad British accents, while announcing "best album of the year" for Amy Winehouse.  

[source: Mollygood]