Pedofiles and Murderers don't get this kind of treatment...

Heather Mills decided to represent herself in her divorce with Sir Paul McCartney wins an historic £55million in her favor. Whoa.

Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills finally reached an agreement regarding their much publicized divorced.

Their settlement is being considered historic, as Heather Mills with walk away with a record £55million, the Daily Mail reveals.

Miss Mills, 40, is to receive a £20million lump sum with further £2.5million annual payments until their four-year-old daughter Beatrice reaches 18.

Also as part of the deal, Miss Mills has agreed to be bound by a confidentiality order which means she will never be able to speak publicly or write in detail about the breakdown of the four-year marriage.

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At the end of the day, she's still Heather Mills, hated by many. She is planning to buy a home in Poland or the Czech Republic, as she has become so hated in Britain.

That's not worth a dime!