A former patient of the UCLA Medical Center tells X17 that as part of her treatment, Britney will be visited by four to five doctors today to conduct an evaluation of her mental state.

According to the source, Britney cannot be held against her will for more than 72 hours if she is deemed stable, which will be determined today. Apparently, only half of the patients in the psych ward are held involuntarily.

The results will be reported to the family, as well as the state. A Los Angeles County Officer is the only one who can determine whether or not Britney is ill enough to be held against her will, although her therapist can argue for a suspension of her driver's license.

Should Britney choose to stay and seek treatment on her own accord, she can expect to be enrolled in a four week recovery program, which consists of meetings and group therapy aimed at teaching her about her disease and how to control it. How will she ever go 4 weeks without a frap? All the Starbucks will be gone by then.

Yesterday Brit was only allowing Satan in to visit, so he hit In-Out Burger and brought in some treats. Then cousin Ali wanted to get her face out there and was only allowed to drop off some items from home; toiletries.

Brit must be better already or she's just trying to fake us out pretending to bath and shit. She probably told Ali to make it look real, so Ali was brandishing a huge bottle of Pert, the shampoo of the stars.

We do wish her well!