LOS ANGELES — Trapped half a world away by the place she promised to never "go, go, go," a vibrant, exuberant Amy Winehouse dominated the Grammys on Sunday night, winning five awards and delivering a defiant performance of her autobiographical hit "Rehab" via satellite from London.

Wearing a sly smile as she performed for a small cabaret audience, Winehouse gave a sultry, soulful rendition of the hit that has defined her recent fall from grace. She looked just as coy as she sang the song "You Know I'm No Good" -- almost reveling in the irony of her words.

But she seemed dumbfounded when she was announced as the record of the year winner. She was immediately enveloped by her band, then her mother and father, who have publicly worried whether their daughter -- who recently entered a drug rehabilitation center after months of erratic behavior and canceled performances -- would survive her demons.

"To my mom and dad, for my Blake, my Blake incarcerated, and for London!" shouted Winehouse, referring to her incarcerated husband -- another tabloid aspect of her troubled life.

Amy went on to lose out on album of the year to Herbie Hancock? what the heck? Britneys blackout had a better shot at the title then this one...shocking

Source: FOXNews