Amy Winehouse missed her rehearsal on Monday which created fear that she would miss the Brit awards tonight, after she heard that Blake has been trading autographed pics of her in exchange for drugs.

“Amy was supposed to rehearse on Monday, but didn’t show up after she discovered Blake had been trading pictures of her for drugs," said a source to The Sun.

“It's a real shame she wasn’t there for the rehearsal. Everyone got really worried. She is part of a medley, with Mark Ronson and Adele, and Daniel Merriwether, so it needs to run smoothly. It’s not just her standing on the stage on her own and singing.

“It’s sad Blake has sent her into turmoil again just before her big night. She’s been working so hard to get her head together for this.”

What's wrong with a little trading and bartering? Does Amy really have the right to be angry when just a couple of weeks ago she was caught on video smoking crack with a mixture of drug using dudes and chicks.

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