Courtney Love must be livid!

Amy Winehouse is getting her own line of makeup and a fashion line. Yay! Maybe Amy will get some new clothes out of the deal. Who knew drugs were such a fashion statement. Tiny fine point red liner will be part of the makeup line for drawing avant-garde blood scratches for that freshly cracked-out look.

The Sun reports:

A pal revealed yesterday: “Amy’s style has been copied by girls around the country and there’s a lot of money to be made. It’s a very distinctive look.

“She wants to bring out a range of cosmetics and fashion products. There could be hairspray, head scarves, liquid eyeliner, perfume.

“All the things that are distinctive of her look.”

A fashion industry source added: “I think this stuff would sell very well in London.

"She has become a fashion icon despite not always looking too fresh.”

I love it! Good for Amy. I like that people are accepting her just he way she is! She doesn't have to be anything more than a crackhead to get love. That's big!

[image: WENN]